I'm Going to Sing! 

When I was a kid, I hated musicals. Not disliked. Not “let’s see what else is on TV”, I HATED them. With a passion. If I came across a musical on television I would growl, roll my eyes or even motion like I was trying to gag myself with my finger.

I loathed musicals.

I know that may sound odd for someone whose life has been largely enveloped in music, but it’s true. And it may not be for the reasons you think. Was it the quality of the songs? No…those Mary Poppins tunes are extremely catchy. Was it the…

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My book, The Roaring Gnat 

Today, I released my first book on Amazon. It's a short devotional/discussion guide titled The Roaring Gnat. In this book I share some personal stories but focus primarily on helping you identify those "gnats" that wish to distract you from the things God has called you to do. 
Please go check it out on Amazon, it's only $2.99. And please rate it! That's how books show up in Amazon's search engines. The more and better the reviews, the more likely it is to show up on their list.
Thank you! 

What Are You KNOWN FOR? 

This past weekend, my pastor did some meddling—as he’s been known to do—in my personal life. Yep, he had the audacity to teach a message pointed directly at me. I’m not sure the other congregants even needed to attend. He started the message saying, “I’ll say a name and you shout out what they’re known for.” At first, it was an easy exercise:


“Tom Hanks”…the crowd shouted “acting!”


“Beethoven” Even the little ones knew this one. “Music!”


“Peyton Manning” “Football!” most said. Although my answer…

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Hanging the Lights 

This past weekend I, along with hundreds if not thousands of others throughout our city I presume, spent a few hours on the roof hanging multi-colored orbs of light to signify our home is ready for the Christmas holiday. Yes, I gave up a chunk of my Saturday afternoon to brave the cold and biting wind for decorations. No no, don’t call me a martyr--I do it for the children.


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God's Troubled Past 

I have a few friends who are non-believers. (Some of you may even be reading this post.) And while I totally get their skepticism, it hurts. It hurts to know that they are removed from God, removed from the promise of an eternity with our Creator. I love these people. I would love to see them in eternity. But our friendships have been, "hey, we're all good, as long as you don't bring that religion stuff into it." 


I get it. They've have been hurt by the Church, they feel religion is too restricting or…

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My Most Depressing Dream 

If you follow my posts at all, you know that I often speak of my dreams. Since I was just a little guy, I have had extremely vivid dreams. And, like some people, I remember just about every detail. That can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the dream. This story is about a dream I had not too long ago that absolutely depressed me. 


I dreamed I was flying. I know what you're thinking: "what's so bad about that?" Well, typically nothing. But some things have changed in the way I fly in my dreams. I…

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30 Seconds That Change My Life Forever 

I was seven when I knew I wanted to make music. I would lock myself in the dining room of my grandmother-in-law's house and sing along to Elvis and Beatles records for hours. But it wasn't until college that I took steps to pursue music seriously. I met up with some friends and we started writing songs. Before I knew it, crowds were gathered in my dorm room singing along. There's nothing like hearing other people sing your songs. We formed a band, played out, and even recorded an album my senior year. We…

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