1. So Human

From the recordings So Human and So Human

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We had to stack almost a dozen vocal tracks on the chorus to get the thick sound I wanted...including extra vocal tracks from me, a friend named Gail, and another named John.


So Human
Music by Brian Dekam, Lyrics by Tim Glenn

I hate that I’m so human
Fighting with this flesh
This wicked war of wiles.
If I could hide myself in you and
Take on all your qualities
Now that would be worthwhile.

But evil thoughts run through my head
Before I stop to think
I’m such a wretched man.
Interruptions when I pray
Creeping into space.
Here they come again.

I—I wanna be more like you.
I wanna do all that you want me to, oh….
But I’m so human.

They say that you walked in this skin
And never knew a sin,
So how’d you pull that off?
Not a single lie or unclean thought
Surrounded by 12 men…
You surely must be God!

This flesly limitation
The source of my frustration
I’m sick of falling down and falling again
You’d think that I’d know better
Put two and two together
Can’t seem to fit in this skin…

I—I wanna be more like
I wanna do all that you want me to…oh…