My Most Depressing Dream

If you follow my posts at all, you know that I often speak of my dreams. Since I was just a little guy, I have had extremely vivid dreams. And, like some people, I remember just about every detail. That can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the dream. This story is about a dream I had not too long ago that absolutely depressed me. 


I dreamed I was flying. I know what you're thinking: "what's so bad about that?" Well, typically nothing. But some things have changed in the way I fly in my dreams. I used to soar over rooftops and trees, looking down at the world from a cloud-level view. Even in my dreams I could feel the cool air moving past my face as I would effortlessly glide over the world below. At night I could go undetected as I whipped around the city. But in my last few flying dreams it's been different. Now I just hover about 5 or 6 feet above the ground, gliding past people at about eye-level. Still kinda cool but not nearly as impressive as my previous dreams.


Anyway, in this particular dream I was at a strip mall that had a movie theatre...and I was zipping past people. I was well aware of the fact that I wasn't flying as high but I still enjoyed the sensation of floating through the crowd. I landed at the ticket booth for the movie theater, where a friend of mine was standing. He was just about to purchase tickets when I interrupted, "Dude, you know we have to go to class. We can't go see the movie right now." 


"Oh, okay." he replied, dejected. And he walked off. I continued to fly around for a bit, when all of the sudden, my wife was there. "Hi honey!" she smiled, her bright blue eyes twinkling. 


"Hey, I want to show you something." I said. Apparently I had never revealed to her that I could fly and now was going to be the moment. "Check this out." I zipped around the mall area, passing by people who would just glance at me. I did a couple of twirls and landed back in front of my wife. "So...whaddya think?" 


She was silent. Her smile turned to a stunned look. And she started to cry. 


"What's wrong? Are you freaked out that I can fly?" 


"Honey," she said in her sweet voice, trying desperately not to upset me, "You're not flying. Your'e just standing there with your arms out...and one leg in the air. And people are staring at you. They think something's wrong with you." 


It hit me hard. Maybe there is something wrong with mentally. Then, like a flash-back scene in a cheesy soap opera, I played all my flying adventures back in my head. I wasn't moving past people, they were moving past me. And the occasional glances weren't people in awe of my skill, it was them wondering "what's up with this freak?" 


I can't fly.


I woke up...thoroughly depressed. It's like this one dream negated all the wonderful flying dreams I've ever had.


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