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  1. Sweet Sister


Sweet Sister
Music by Brian Dekam, Lyrics by Tim Glenn

Sweet sister
Angry at God for everything that’s happened to you
Do you honestly think you could teach Him a thing or two?
You think you’ve got it all worked out
You know what this is all about.
Let me tell you what you’re missing…
What you’re missing now.

He was there when you stumbled
Let you fall enough to be humbled
This is not rock bottom it’s a much farther fall to hell
But He’s not gonna let you go there.

Sweet sister
So you figured out life ain’t all that you thought it would be
You fell a few times left your soul with skinned up knees
Just look back and see the truth
He never has abandoned you
You’re still standing ‘cuz He loves you…


SOLO (12 measures)


Sweet sister…