1. Where Are You?

From the recording So Human

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Ever been angry with God? I know I have. I wrote this song to capture those moments when we feel all alone. Of course, the answer comes in the next song, "Here I Am". Both songs feature some great orchestral work by the great John Doryk.


Where Are You?
Music by Brian DeKam and John Doryk, lyrics by Tim Glenn

Nobody said you'd be happy
nobody promised you life without pain
Nobody said there'd be sunshine
here come the rain, here comes the rain, yeah...

I hear the thunder, it makes me wonder
where are you? Where are you?
The rain is falling and still I'm caling
where are you? Where are you?

Don't you care about my condition?
What's the answer to my soul petition, yeah?
The people perish where there's lack of vision,
where are you? Where are you?

Where are you?
Where are you?